Strength and Conditioning

Helping Student-Athletes Reach Their Goals

The strength and conditioning program at New Hampton School helps student-athletes develop with regard to immediate sport-specific, performance, but also provides 学生 with skills, knowledge, and mental toughness for long-term athletic growth and development.
Our strength and conditioning coordinator works closely with coaches and teams to build endurance, 速度, strength, and power for competitive performance. He also guides coaches and athletes with appropriate nutrition, recovery, and rest guidelines.

Sport-Focused Training

Through the Strength and Conditioning program, a student-athlete can expect:

  • Individualized coaching and team development
  • Individualized strength training and routines
  • Individualized programs for mental focus
  • Preparation for college athletics
  • Integrated nutrition plans
  • Fitness and healthy lifestyle education

Will '20

Mr. Mure not only helped me focus on my strength and physical training but my mental training as well. He has great knowledge about how the body and mind operate at its highest level. The Strength and Conditioning program and Mr. Mure’s guidance help you to train effectively but also safely. It makes you a smarter athlete. 

Yoga for Athletes

New Hampton School's mindful approach to the wonder and wellbeing of our student-athletes includes weekly yoga sessions for our athletic teams with a certified yoga instructor. This program restores balance to their minds and bodies, releasing tension and increasing flexability for reduced injuries and more well-rounded athletes.

Building on Fitness

Opened fall of 2020, student-athletes now benefit from our new multi-use wellness facility for weight training, 有氧运动, 自旋, and mindfulness practices such as yoga. This renovation brings a state-of-the-art training space to Husky Nation for our athletes to continue to compete at the highest levels.
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