All Day and After Dark

Throughout the week, our 学生 find 道路s to make use of every moment of their day. From athletics to co-curriculars, off-campus activities to all-school events, there is a little something for everyone. 和, if they find something we don’t offer, our Student 活动 Council facilitated by the Director of Student 活动, 他们的目标是在晚上和周末的空闲时间提供创造性和引人入胜的活动.

Weekends and 活动

In the evenings and on weekends, schedules 是 full of activities to participate in right here on campus. S'mores by the fire, friendly athletic competitions, McEvoy 的ater performances, cooking and baking in the dining hall, 轻松的手工制作机会只是我们社区在学术日之外联系的几种方式.


Off-Campus 活动

Our off-campus activities aim to take advantage of local attractions and resources. Offering a wide range of activities from an exciting rock climbing trip, to a relaxing movie, an educational museum visit or an essential trip to Walmart.

Clubs and Co-Curriculars

为了让所有的学生扩展他们的经验,发现他们的激情,我们提供了许多俱乐部和课外活动,作为学生日常生活的一部分. Some of these include: 


  • 动画俱乐部

  • Art in the Afternoon

    “下午艺术”是一项冬季联合课程,让对艺术充满热情的学生可以扩展到艺术工作室和教室. 学生也由艺术系的教师提供支持,因此可以根据需要提供指导和帮助.
  • 羽毛球俱乐部

  • 国际象棋俱乐部

  • 地中海俱乐部

  • 厨师俱乐部

  • 多样性的俱乐部

    多元化俱乐部是一个由学生领导的团体,每两周聚会一次,讨论有关种族的话题, 股本, 和包容.
  • 电影俱乐部

  • GSA

    的 GSA mission is to be a safe, 一个包容的地方,与他人联系,教育成员和社区关于LGBTQ+的话题. 该小组在整个学年中每两周开会一次,必要时还会举行额外的会议. GSA在学校会议上为全国性的活动,如全国出柜日和马丁·路德·金. Day; designed and produced a Rainbow Husky sticker for distribution; taken ownership of 的 Gratitude Tree in the Dining Hall; attended conferences; hosted a movie night, 和更多的.
  • Health and Wellness Council

    参与卫生与健康委员会的学生与卫生服务部门的成员密切合作,以支持学生社区的健康和健康. 这个小组教育学校社区关于健康的决策,无论是关于食堂的食物选择, exercise and activity, 或者缓解压力.
  • Husky Green Council

    的 Husky Green Council (HGC) is a group of 学生, 教师, 工作人员, and administrators that 是 dedicated to a sustainable school, 社区, 和世界. HGC的成员提供教育、领导和改变,以实现可持续的生活.
  • Husky Tour Guides/十大赌博靠谱网络网址 Ambassadors

    哈士奇导游是学生大使,志愿在招生办公室工作. 的ir primary responsibility is to welcome and tour prospective families. 除了, 赫斯基导游帮助招生办公室与未来的学生沟通,并在春季回访日接待学生. 
  • 文人 (Literary Magazine)

    文人 is New Hampton School's literary magazine. 的 文人 maintains a website and produces an annual magazine with writing, poetry and imagery produced by 学生 at New Hampton School. It also creates opportunities, 举办比赛和活动,与学校社区分享他们对文学和艺术的热情.
  • 数学俱乐部

    的 数学俱乐部 meets during winter co-curricular activity time. Students work together and independently on mathematical problems. 他们进一步加深了对数学的理解,并通过数学的视角思考现实世界的问题. 偶尔, 数学俱乐部有机会参加比赛,测试他们的技能和理解与其他同龄的学生.
  • 模拟联合国

    模拟联合国是一个选修学生团体,参加地方和国家模拟联合国活动. Participants learn about 外交, international relations and the United Nations. In simulated experiential conferences, 学生 develop skills for debate, 外交, research and public speaking.
  • 放学后的音乐

    课后音乐是一项冬季联合课程,允许对音乐充满热情的学生扩展到音乐工作室. Under the supervision of Director of Music, 凯尔·马斯特森, 学生 develop songs and skills to sh是 their music with the 社区. This also allows additional practice time for 学生 working on music performances.
  • 音乐收藏

  • 郊游俱乐部

    的 郊游俱乐部 meets during spring co-curricular activity time. 的 郊游俱乐部 explores a range of outdoor activities including hiking, 攀岩, fishing and mountain biking. 由于新汉普顿位于湖区的中心地带和怀特山脉的南部,对户外活动充满热情的学生可以参加各种户外活动.
  • S.O.A.R, Student Organization for 校友 Relations

    美国学生.O.A.R计划通过充当学生团体和校友之间的大使来支持发展办公室. 的y participate in event prep, 总务处协助校友建立关系,并与校友沟通,为未来的网络建立联系.
  • 春天的音乐

    参加春季音乐剧制作的学生将他们的春季课外活动完全奉献给了表演艺术. 的 production is complex and professional. Students commit to extensive time and study of the chosen performance, culminating in one school-wide and one public performance late in the spring.
  • 剧场技术

    的 剧场技术 group studies technical theatre including lighting, 声音与设计, and supports programs held in the school's McEvoy 的ater. 除了社区会议和剧院全年的特别活动外,戏剧技术学生还为每周两次的学校会议提供技术支持.
  • 年鉴

    年鉴小组在秋季和冬季的联合课程期间每天开会,并设计学校的年度年鉴. Students learn layout and elements of design. 他们也有机会通过辨认照片和回忆学校活动来更多地了解他们的同龄人和学校项目.
  • 瑜伽

    瑜伽 is offered at New Hampton School as a spring co-curricular. Over the course of eight weeks, 学生 learn the basics of yoga through physical postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. 学生们也接触到不同风格的瑜伽和冥想,以学习增加力量的方法, flexibility and overall well-being.
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